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Guangdong Shunde Belino Machinery Co., Ltd. is the stone processing tool and equipment company, which is affiliated to New Zealand belino group. We are the professional manufacturer that mainly engaged in stone tool and equipment researching, production, sales and product promotion. We also cooperate with Aardwolf group company, the world-famous manufacturer of stone equipment. We are the sole agent of Aardwolf products in China, including Hong Kong and Taiwan area.


Up to now, we have established six production series, including vacuum lifter, counter top tools, Lifting & Transport Equipment, workshop transportation &storage equipment,workshop machines and workshop protective articles.


The vacuum lifter is a range of products produced by Belino Marketing and Technology R&D team to meet customers' processing or installation requirements. It includes trolley vacuum lifter, pneumatic vacuum lifter, electric vacuum lifter, and Grabo battery lifter.  Belino vacuum lifters have a wide range of products with outstanding quality.  From the characteristics of plate, the problem of suction and hoisting of smooth surface and rough surface is solved.  From the way of use, there are moving type, lifting type and portable type.  It is widely used in processing workshops, large slab paving, stone handling and glass handling along the road, etc.

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