The reason for the insufficient suction of stone sucker

Writer:     Date: 2021-08-21

The reason for the insufficient suction of stone sucker, I will introduce to you. Because the heat capacity of semiconductor rectifier element is very small, when the rectifier is overloaded, the temperature of the element rises sharply and the diode is burned. Rectifier components will be aging, there will be a degenerative phenomenon, resulting in the output of the electric bed, so that the suction of the vacuum sucker is insufficient. The inductance of the force line device by dry vacuum suction cup is very large, which will produce a large overvoltage at the moment of disconnecting the coil and may break down the rectifier element. The gas consumption of the straight air generator is determined by the diameter of the working nozzle, but it is also related to the working pressure. With the same nozzle diameter, the air consumption increases with the increase of working pressure. The diameter of nozzle is the main basis for selecting vacuum generator. The larger the nozzle diameter, the larger the suction flow and gas consumption, and the lower the vacuum degree: the smaller the nozzle diameter, the smaller the suction flow and gas consumption, but the higher the vacuum degree. To change the tube base, first unscrew the 2 screws (with gaskets) on the side of the manifold base, replace the old manifold base with a new one, and then put the gasket on the screw, pay attention to the screw with equal force.

In vacuum sensor, turn off the vacuum sensor on the side of 2 screws, and remove the vacuum sensor, then twist off vacuum sensor below the four screws (with washer), and then changed into a new vacuum sensor and put on the washer screw on the base of screw, will be in a good vacuum sensor installation back in vacuum, on the last point on the surface of the upper screw again: in silencer, First screw off the straight empty generator surface, remove the muffler, there is a relay pipe connection in the middle, and then remove the muffler below the 2 black nails, replace the old muffler with the new, screw the muffler base screw, install the relay pipe in the middle, and then reinstall the muffler, and then screw on the side screw.

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