How does sucker absorb and release workpieces

Writer:     Date: 2021-08-21

Stone sucker how to adsorb and release objects, I summed up for you, I hope to help you. In theory, the size of the adsorption force of the stone sucker is only related to the vacuum of the pump and the sucker area, and has nothing to do with the flow of the pump, but in practical use, it is related to the flow parameters of the micro pump, the reasons are as follows:

Because the stone sucker and the suction object can not be absolutely sealed, there is always a little leakage, in this case, the flow of the micro direct air pump is greater, the proportion of the leakage is smaller, the more favorable dry to maintain a higher vacuum, so as to get greater adsorption power. For example, there are two pumps with the same vacuum degree, the flow rate of A pump is 1L/min, and the flow rate of B pump is 20L/min. Also, in the case of leakage of 0.5L/min, the vacuum degree of A pump will be greatly reduced, because the leakage of 0.5L/min occupies 50% of the flow rate of A pump. However, the 0.5L/min leakage of B pump only accounts for 2.5% of the flow, which is nothing, and the vacuum sucker can still maintain a high vacuum degree. Therefore, although both vacuum degree is the same, but in practice, B pump produces more adsorption force. To

The air near the surface is composed of the following substances, ammonia :78.03%; Oxygen: 20.95%; 0.93: carbon oxide :0.03%:0.01%; Other gases :0.05%. Due to environmental pollution, the air also contains sulfur dioxide, hydrocarbons and so on. Because there is water vapor in the tomb, the air containing water vapor is called wet air, and the air without water vapor is called dry air. Therefore, the pump selection must be considered at the same time vacuum and flow two indicators, only facing vacuum indicators is not enough. Above is the introduction of stone sucker adsorption and release of objects.

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